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Although Can Factory has extensive experience with a wide variety of operating systems, databases, development languages and environments, we don’t focus on any particular ‘preferred’ technologies. Rather than falling back on what we already know, the Can Factory team are always encouraged to use our expertise to recommend solutions and technologies that are specifically tailored to address each individual business case.




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  • Warren Kerrigan CEO

    Warren first got involved in the online arena in the UK in 1989 and has consistently delivered solutions that work. He has a formal systems background which paved the way for securing clients with such technically complex requirements.

    After many years of heading up technical divisions within large multi-disciplinary agencies, he decided to create Can Factory to meet the needs of mission-critical web applications for clients.

    Warren is the driving force behind turning can’t into cans and brings a wealth of business and technical experience to each project.


    Joe has been working in the Internet industry long enough to witness (and sometimes to have had a hand in) the wrong way to do nearly everything.

    As a result, he is now well placed to know the right way to do things, or at least to recognise the wrong ways. Which makes him ideal to be our Head of Development.

    Joe’s mission at Can Factory is to get things right, something which began in 2004 with the adoption of Java as the core technology and continues to this day with proper systems’ development practises.


    Stuart has an established background in Technical Project Management having started out as a Systems Management and Networking consultant.

    Having worked in a large agency as their Head of Technology, he is well suited to his current role of managing our development team and client projects. Primarily however, he is our Senior Systems Analyst.

    Stuart loves to find the best solutions to all sorts of problems and makes sure that what we promise gets delivered.

“On time, on budget and working first time! That is the Can Factory way. I have spent 20 years helping clients achieve their digital ambitions with dates that don’t move, budgets that don’t grow and events that only run once. So if you want to get it right, first time, call Can Factory.”



Whether you’re trying to maximize returns on existing investments, exploit new revenue streams, or capture and keep strong customer relationships, every business is facing similar challenges in the race to realise the true potential of networked digital technology. London software development company – Can Factory has the ability to drive advanced technology throughout the enterprise – to truly integrate and transform its core processes – will be the mark of game-changing market winners. When people ask about us, we primarily stress that for software projects we are the “Can Do” company.

Can Factory was created to deliver all of these things and more. After a number of unsteadying years in the digital space, Can Factory was created to challenge some of the old rules that managed to lodge themselves in a new market. Too many consultants, agencies and technology partners said, “It can be done”, and then they don’t or can’t deliver. Can Factory is here to change that, by applying it’s experience of consistently delivering profitable commerce platforms across multiple channels.

We consistently deliver cost savings, performance increases, improved revenues and better control of commerce and content applications, by understanding our clients’ business. After the success of attending the weekly board meetings of a well-known national retailer for six months (during the build of their commerce platform), we gained a unique understanding of the issues they faced within their business. This in turn helped us deliver them a solution that fully met all of their needs. Since then Can Factory has always worked closely with its clients to make sure that we are building a solution that is not only going to show return on investment, but it is also going to meet the needs of the business as a whole.

Can Factory was created from a desire by Warren Kerrigan (CEO and Founder of Can Factory) to build a business that understood its clients, delivered ground breaking technology solutions that made business sense in the current market. All the while he wanted to enjoy doing it, and doing it well. Warren first got involved in the digital arena in the UK in 1989 working with the likes of Barclays Online (business to business eCommerce solutions), Demon Internet (one of the first mainstream ISPs in the UK) and Barclays Square to name but a few. He then went on to create the first business to business eCommerce site in the UK. In 1997, Warren joined Foresight / Wheel as the CTO and managed the build of commerce solutions for clients such as Interflora, Early Learning Centre, River Island, Argos, Marks & Spencer and Disney to name but a few. Bringing real technology experience to the young Internet environment meant that the solutions built in the early days are Foresight are still running today in many of the clients sites.

Can Factory truly are a ‘Can Do’ company, and they are the right choice as your partner in the digital arena.

  • "Working with Can Factory has been a rewarding and educational experience that has ultimately resulted in positioning VOX as the number 1 exhibitor in the region from a digital e-commerce perspective. The team have worked extremely hard to ensure that the timezone differences and communication issues that often hamper multi-regional IT projects are always kept to a minimum. The Can Factory project management tool meant that we always knew where the project was and what was required of us and the other third parties involved in the project. All technical projects have an element of risk and complexity particularly as VOX operates across multiple territories and has significant complex requirements of our digital assets.  I am happy to say that we worked together as a team to overcome each challenge as we faced them. I look forward to working with the Can Factory team for many years to come."

    Michelle Walsh Director of VOX Cinemas
  • ITV had an ambitious project to bring its website back in-house, rebuild its website and launch a brand new ITV player all to very tight deadlines. We looked for competent partners to help accelerate this project. Can Factory were chosen for their experience in high traffic web application development. Can Factory developed ITV’s Single-Sign-On application, user registration and management module, as well as the community-based modules such as forums, votes and polls. All the work Can Factory contributed was of an outstanding standard, delivered on time and professionally. I was so pleased with their initial contribution to itv.com that I engaged with Can Factory on a number of further projects after the launch.

    Steve White ITV - Head of Technology
  • We had a first rate team of developers in-house, but when management pulled together a brief for a really heavy lifting piece of software we went to Can Factory with their java expertise.  We felt they were market leaders and would complement our in-house team’s skill sets. The whole project was only a few months long and we were highly impressed with the code quality but more importantly for us, the attention to detail and depth of business understanding.  Their genuine ability and aptitude to chip in ideas, from the most junior coder up to senior management, with their keenness to impress, was hugely refreshing. If you are looking for a team of people that have a culture of actually wanting to help – with the technical & organisational ability to deliver that help – I’d highly recommend these guys.

    Glen Collins Review Centre CEO
  • We often work with tight budgets and even tighter timescales. We also normally develop in-house. However we brought Can Factory in to build us a new iPad app and get it into the store before Apple's Christmas cut-off. And they did it. With only 10 weeks to go, not only did they build us an app with all of the agreed functionality, but they also managed to complete the task with a week to spare, giving us time to release a second version with even more features. Testament to their can-do attitude and depth of experience.

    James Bromley Mailonline Managing Director
  • Huge thanks from us all at Comic Relief for an unforgettable Red Nose Day.  The success of this year’s campaign is down to the efforts of a whole bunch of great people and we just wanted to say that we really appreciate your part in making it happen.  As you may know by now, we broke our own record for money raised on the night – a staggering £37,808,564 and already a steady flow of cash has started to come in from all the hundreds of fundraising events around the country.  We are all feeling very excited by what promises to be the best Red Nose Day ever.  Audiences turned on in their millions.  We had a 52% share at 9.30pm and a peak of 12.7 million viewers.  Over 5 million people were still watching at midnight.

    Kevin Cahill Comic Relief - Chief Executive
  • Can Factory have helped Cineworld to define and implement our digital strategy across multiple channels for more than eight years. The long-term partnership built with Can Factory has never ceased to impress, and they have helped ensure that we have consistently maximised the potential of all of our digital channels to drive sales, and improve customer acquisition and retention.

    Justin Skinner Cineworld VP Marketing
  • Can Factory produced a world class solution for our company and I would have no hesitation in recommending Warren as a trusted and honest Internet professional.

    Stephen Bennett Allfiled - CEO
  • Can Factory was our indispensable partner.  They were organised, focused, gave critical advice and seamlessly managed the process – including tendering – building camaraderie among all members of the eventual project management team.  They are bright, energetic, resourceful and positive.  The best proof of their worth is making our deadline with all technology working well - within budget.  We look forward to working together with the team on future projects.

    Dr. Márcia Balisciano Benjamin Franklin House - Director

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