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London software development company – Can Factory’s Blog gives unique insights into our work, projects and technologies. We have 16 years of experience developing bespoke software apps and have certainly learnt a few things along the road! Our intention with our blog is to share our experiences (good and bad), thoughts, tips and any guides we think that might be useful. We would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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Esports – Part 5/5

Obstacles. Details that may seem to be insignificant to a casual gamer, can have big implications on the viability of a game as an esport. Counter Strike is a game that is played between two teams, the Terrorists vs. the Counter- Terrorists. One team has to plant a bomb, the other has to defuse it. […]


Esports – Part 4/5

Events & Tickets. People now fill stadiums to watch esports. The largest ever esports crowd was at the League Of Legends finals in 2014 in Seoul, South Korea, where 45000 people turned up for the final match, it was opened by the rock band Imagine Dragons. DJ Khaled recently opened the Overwatch League Finals. The […]


Esports – Part 3/5

Prize Pools. What’s at stake here? Why are people dedicating their teenage years and early twenties to video games? This first image shows the prize pool for DOTA 2’s TI 2018, A.K.A The International.   That top number might shock some readers. Objectively a vast amount of money for a prize pool, but that’s just […]


Esports – Part 2/5

Twitch, Facebook, and Youtube Gaming. There are 3 main competitors in video game streaming. The triumvirate vying for the valuable resources of viewers and time spent watching, the two metrics that they can sell to sponsors. They differentiate from each other through their video players, chat boxes, and unique content. Twitch is certainly the biggest […]


Esports – Part 1/5

Esports. Or esports, it’s a common noun now. The spelling might look jarring with a lack of capitalisation on the S, but according to the Associated Press, that is the correct spelling. The temptation is to spell it with medial capitals, capitalising the S, this is wrong. [1] Nitpicking aside, what is esports? At its […]

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