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Here at Can Factory it is an important part of our mission to recognise and give back to the community we come from. Following on from our previous Charity contributions, this year we have decided to donate to two charities close to our hearts.

Marie Curie

Marie Curie offer palliative care both through home-visits by nurses and in their 9 hospices situated around the UK. Their invaluable work helps 40,000 people in the UK each year, providing care and support to those who are reaching the end of their lives. Alongside their thousands of nurses, helper-volunteers visit those in need every week. You can donate to Marie Curie here.

In thanks to Can Factory for the donation, Paul Chapman of Marie Curie had the following to say:

Thanks to you, Marie Curie nurses can continue to provide comfort, support and expert care in people’s homes and hospices across the UK, allowing people to spend their precious last weeks and days surrounded by family and friends.

Thames Reach

Thames Reach is an organisation that Can Factory has donated to previously. The charity focuses on combating the plight faced by homeless people in the UK. The numbers of people sleeping rough is decreasing year on year, showing that contributions are making a real impact. However, the numbers are sill significantly higher than they were a decade ago. The charity estimates that 8855 people slept rough in London alone last year. They provide rehabilitation for those who find themselves in this predicament, and offer assistance on getting back in to employment. You can donate to Thames Reach here.

Thames Reach said our donation will:

Enable us to develop and deliver critical services helping homeless and vulnerable adults across London. We are most grateful!

Can Factory CEO Warren Kerrigan said the following:

Thames Reach and Marie Curie are two indispensable charities here in the UK. Can Factory is proud to be able to support them in their missions. We look forward to continuing our charity support programme for many years to come.

The sentiment is shared by the rest of us here at Can Factory. We are delighted to work for a company that recognises the importance of giving back to our local community, and glad that we are able to contribute in a way that has a meaningful impact.

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