Updates to the Everyman Cinemas iOS App!

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Development of the Everyman Cinemas iOS app continues, with version 1.2 now available on the App Store!

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Music Player

The biggest change you may notice came with the version 1.1 update; the new Music Player built in to the Everyman Cinemas app. Integrated with Apple MusicKit and the Apple Music API, you can now listen to your favourite movie soundtracks and curated Everyman playlists in app.

Really liked an upbeat song from the training montage? Maybe the finale featured a real tear-jerker.  Or perhaps you appreciated the entire film score? Worry not, simply navigate to the app where you’ll find an abundance of movie soundtracks to help you find that one song you need to know.

What’s more, you can listen to it in app!

In-venue features are also being rolled out across the country, allowing customers to check what’s playing in the venue at the current moment.

Read more about Everyman Cinemas partnership with Can Factory on our blog.

Dark Mode

For those of us that way inclined, Dark Mode is now available for iOS 13 compatible devices.

Switching is simple:

  • Navigate in to your ‘Settings‘,
  • then, ‘Display & Brightness‘.
  • Here you’ll find the option to switch between Dark and Light mode for your iPhone.

The app will do the rest. We’ve all switched over to this one at Can Factory!

Don’t forget about the other features though. Exclusive content, find your nearest venue, in-app booking and movie trailers to name but a few…

Everyman’s ambitious vision and commitment to their cinema app is realised in these latest updates, presenting their customers with a unique and cutting edge cinema experience.


Warren Kerrigan, Can Factory CEO.

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Dark Mode - Film Card

You can download the Everyman Cinemas App on the Apple App Store now.

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