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Can Factory have extensive experience using other databases, including Oracle RAC, MS SQL Server and MySQL.

MySQL is often our recommended database due to the comparatively low entry cost, which is crucial when tight budgets are involved. It is also ideal for typical web deployments as the database is optimised for read operations, which normally greatly outnumber transactional updates.

At one of our largest deployments the customer chose to deploy the enhanced Percona MySQL build, which has better clustering support. Recent benchmarking indicated that the customer experienced approximately a 50% improvement in throughput once the cluster had been correctly tuned.

In situations where the relation model does not seem appropriate we have adapted our approach to use alternative technologies like the Apache SOLR NoSQL indexing solution or the Infinispan in memory data-grid.

Languages & Frameworks

Can Factory primarily use open source technology, including Java, mySQL, and Infinispan. Although we primarily develop applications in Java, we consider ourselves polyglot programmers capable of working in the best language for the problem. Where Java proves limited we occasionally use other JVM languages such as Groovy and Scala. Objective-C, and Swift are used for our iOS apps, and Java for Android. Perl, PHP and Ruby are utilised where scripting languages are the right choice.

Mobile Applications

Can Factory’s first mobile app was an iPhone app we developed for Cineworld. Since then we built a number of iOS, Android and HMS apps for partners including:

Other app developments include a retro games app written in C and an Android app for event tracking, as well as our code scanning app – Jackdaw.

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