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“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Steve Jobs

The above quote is so very often true, and yet mobile and technical teams are so often segregated. No more…

Can Factory are building a new in-house mobile team to help us in the continuing challenge of pushing the limits of what is possible. So often we work with external mobile contractors whose focus can be very much around the individual project. We want to build a mobile capability that can learn to leverage the true skills of our highly experienced developers.

We have an amazing group of developers with decades of experience of pushing the boundaries of sites such as Red Nose Day, ITV, Cineworld, VOX Cinemas and many more. We want to bring a joint mobile / technical  team together, who can continuously learn from each other to figure out where we can push things to the edge to get the best possible solution for our clients.

You will be working in direct partnership with an experienced team on both new and existing projects, including a large international entertainment client across multiple platforms. The role requires gathering design and business requirements from clients and analysing designing and implementing bespoke solutions. If you’re someone who thrives in small team-orientated environments and is passionate about developing high quality mobile solutions, then this is the place for you.

The core management team have come from large full service agencies and so have experience of running mixed skilled teams to get the best results for every project. If you genuinely care about good mobile development, as well as a good solution behind it, then drop us a line.

Goals For Your First Three Months

  • Understand the team, culture and projects
  • Learn the Can Factory, Can Do way
  • Prove that you can consistently produce quality output

More About the Role

What We Want
  • An interest in mobile rather an one platform
  • Highly motivated people with a passion for learning
  • Team players who can learn and teach as they go
  • Someone who has built a variety of mobile solutions
  • Someone who thrives on delivering high quality output
Must Have
  • Understanding of a wide range of web client technologies, including HTTP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Someone who has an interest of pushing their iOS and Android skills
  • Experience creating semantic mobile solutions and responsive designs
  • Ability to analyse requirements and design a top-level solution
  • Takes pride in creating concise, clear and elegant designs
  • Experience of mobile development in a transactional environment
  • Experience of mobile development on either the iOS or Android platforms
  • Experience of ecommerce, retail, food / beverage and ticketing sites

Find out more about us, how we work and the technologies we use below. Also, you can find out how our recruitment process hangs together at the bottom of this page.

The Can Factory Office

More About Can Factory

The Company

We are a well-established, London-based bespoke software development company founded in 2002. The majority of the team have worked here since we founded the company and they continue to enjoy the working environment, ever changing technology stack and clients. We tend to work with larger blue chip organisations on high traffic ecommerce or complex applications.

The core Can Factory development team have been working together for over 25 years in various companies. The fact that the developers tend not to leave speaks volumes in itself. Most of the core team have been working on bespoke blue chip, high traffic ecommerce sites throughout that time. As a team we have worked mostly in the consumer space on sites such as Interflora, Cineworld, ITV, Argos, Marks & Spencer, VOX Cinemas and Everyman Cinemas.

Typically our engagement starts when customers want to get it right, first time and we do our best to make that a reality. We often work on our clients solution for many years, so we need to build flexible solutions that can evolve with the client, whilst also remain easy to maintain.

This typically focuses on a key launch date of a product, or film. With that in mind, the team focus on working within both TDD and BDD methods as well as close collaboration with our external load, functionality and penetration testing partners to make sure we actually deliver what we promise.

How We Work

We are focused on delivering a high quality product that is on time, on budget and works first time. Most of our key developments are based around a high traffic launch, so we need to get them right first time. This means that we need to work with highly trusted partners in the areas that we choose not to do in house. As an example, we outsource our more detailed testing to three long term partners who each specialise in a specific kind of testing (functionality / cross device, penetration and load testing). That is not to say that we don’t carry out testing in house, however, our testing is focused on delivering fully working applications to partners who can test in a way that developers tend not to have the time or experience to test well. There are a number of reasons we do this, and they include the fact that dedicated testing providers tend to test to a higher quality, but also it allows us to focus on the development. This methodology is warmly received by our clients as all of our deliverables are fully tested before they get to them. We use this approach in lots of areas of the business (design, user experience, accounting etc.) What this does is it allows us to really stay highly focused on delivering the best possible output by working with the best long term partners that we can find. This also means that we can have small highly focused teams on a project of 3-5 while the wider project team may be up to 30 people.

As a business we don’t work late! We don’t work weekends! We focus on keeping everyone fresh and able to deliver high quality work, with enough energy to get it right first time. This approach is important to understand as that requires that you as an individual have to be highly driven to produce high quality outputs. That is not to say that we don’t ever have projects with tight timescales that mean we have to cut corners. However, when we create this kind of technical debt, we push our clients very hard to return and reimplement / refactor the application as soon as time allows. With this in mind, your attitude needs to be focused on delivering everything to a high quality, rather than hacking stuff in and fixing it later. If you think that you naturally take that approach to everything you develop, then this is the right role for you.

The current team leaders are very much software engineers that could easily turn their hand to building a blue chip Java, ObjectiveC, Swift or Android application. In other words, we expect our team to be able to up-skill to a high level as a new technology requirement comes available. As a general rule we are mostly a Java based software development team, however as well as the above various members of the team have genuine depth in other languages such as .NET, PHP, CSS, JaveScript, WordPress, C, C++, MySQL, Percona, Oracle, Tomcat etc. Also there are members of the team that have server level experience. In other words we are looking for genuine software developers who can apply best practice where its needed, rather than someone who is focused on one specific technology stack.


Why Work Here?

Experienced Team

A Great Team

You will learn from highly experienced team specialising in many areas of software development

Training Budget

Annual Training Budget

Each year you have a training budget to spend how you see fit – you are in control.

Tavel Card

Annual Travelcard Loan Scheme

Travel in London is expensive so we’ll pay for your Travel Card and you can pay it back monthly.

Childcare Assistance

Childcare Assistance

Whether it be childcare vouchers or the new tax free childcare scheme, we are here to help you get the most out of your salary.

Flexible Hours

Flexible Working Hours

Want to head off early to catch a flight? Or you’ve got to pick up the kids from school. Work out flexible hours with us.

Health Insurance

Bupa Health Insurance

Amazing private health cover, currently with BUPA.

Cycle-to-work Scheme

Cycle-to-work Scheme

Save up to 39% on a new bike (and kit) so you can cycle to work on the ride you desire.

Best Equipment

The Best Tools and Location

High specification Apple Mac’s, IntelliJ IDE, great chairs, riverside central London location (Zone 1). Amazing facilities including a bar, gym and roof terrace.

Toastie Tuesday

Toastie Tuesdays

We have a team breakfast meeting with free toasties on Tuesday mornings. Everyone loves a toastie!

Can Factory Beer Fridge

Friday Feeling

4pm Drinks on Fridays as well as free coffee, fruit and snacks in the office.


20 to 40+ Holiday Days

Increasing from 20 days annual leave plus each Tuesday after bank holidays known as Can Factory Tuesday’s. Also more time off at Christmas. Plus a holiday buy back scheme.

Zipcar Membership

Corporate ZipCar Membership

Who needs a car in London, Can Factory gives discounted rates and free membership to ZipCar, over 1,600 cars & vans across London parked near your home or office.


Competitive Salaries

We always strive to make our salaries competitive within the industry.


Personal & Company Bonus

We have a company & personal performance bonus scheme here at Can Factory.

Team Outings

Regular Team Outings

We feel it’s important to spend time together as a team. We head out for lunch regularly and arrange day trips.

What’s Nearby?

Our Hiring Process

If you think you’ve got what we’re looking for, then here’s what to expect from us!

  • Remote Code Test

    We will send you a short code test to see how you think.

  • Telephone Interview

    Successful tests go through to a phone/video interview.

  • Meet the Team

    The next stage is coming in to meet us in our Central London office! This gives us a chance to get to know each other.

  • Pair Programming Code Test

    Another code test! Slightly longer and more advanced.

  • Offer of Employment

    If everything stacks up we'll make you an offer of employment (subject to references etc.)

Got What It Takes?

If you think you have the skills to make us even more awesome than we already are, please attach your CV and fill out the form below.

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