Can Factory Client Portal

Monitor and manage your project

London software development company Can Factory’s client portal allows you to monitor and manage your project from a single portal with access to up to date project information, build statuses, source code access, and more.

As our client, you can:

  • Access your live project plan
  • View project status with roadmaps and milestones
  • Update project information on the project wiki
  • Monitor features and issues with the Redmine issue tracker
  • See build status and reports on our integration server
  • Get activity feeds reported live or available through RSS
  • Have source code access in our version control system

Easy access to project information

The best way to run a project is to ensure that all project information is up to date and available in a single portal that the wider project team can access. Over the years we have pulled together a number of tools that allow our clients and partners to see the precise current state of the project whenever they choose.

Can Factory Systems

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