Web Usability Group test the Cineworld iPhone app v1.0.2

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The Web Usability Group undertook a usability of Cineworld’s newly launched iPhone app in August 2010.

The app was tested by six testers in a lab environment. It was tested on an iPad, to emulate an iPhone (so WUP could record interactions), and the tester’s hand movements and gestures were captured with a separate camera.

Positive results for Cineworld Cinemas’ mobile app as testers conclude, “this is a well thought out, easy to use app”, adding, “user journeys work well for the key user goals. It ought to assist in driving Cineworld bookings.”

Designed and built by Can Factory for consumers to view films, watch trailers and book Cineworld tickets on the move, testers at Web Usability Partnership confirmed the app gives users what they want and avoids anything extraneous.  The ability to watch trailers helps the decision-making process, and in sum, Cineworld’s mobile app provides the “desired functionality for users to carry out their goals.”

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