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Help Me Stop reached out to Can Factory in April 2021, seeking to modernise their online presence and provide access to new services. The focus was to provide a new website that more closely supported their client base and reach online.

Drug and alcohol misuse presents a significant social issue worldwide, and the United Kingdom is no exception. During the COVID pandemic, Help Me Stop’s online presence became vital for engagement, client acquisition as well as continuing to support their existing programmes. In parallel with their expansion of physical centres, Help Me Stop were keen to present their new online programmes also, which allowed clients to sign up from all locations across the UK as well as further afield, engaging in regular online  addiction support. 

Help Me Stop not only provides a range of services and programmes for their clients, but also a wealth of information across all areas of addiction recovery. By re-evaluating how this information was presented Can Factory were able to provide a website that provided a clearer and more direct route to relevant information, thus reducing bounce rate, whilst also increased dwell time across the site.


Can Factory took a ground up approach, and re-built their website from scratch. It allowed for an evaluation and update of the existing technologies within their existing legacy site, and a visual refresh of the UI and UX for an improved user experience. 

Can Factory chose to build the website on WordPress, using the Jupiter X theme while also adopting the Elementor Pro Website Builder to populate content within the site. This allowed for a hybrid of flexibility for Can Factory to provide custom functionality where required, while allowing the client to use a familiar CMS and build new content as and when required. 

Hosted on the DigitalOcean cloud platform, Can Factory set up a new WordPress LAMP droplet (a Linux-based virtual machine) that runs on top of virtualized hardware. This allows for a standalone server, while also offering the potential for scalability as part of a larger cloud-based infrastructure should this be required in the future.

Communication with clients was at the forefront of the person to person engagement on the website. From landing on the homepage LiveChat is instantly available as a pop up service providing access to support instantly. Clients are able to engage via the online chat popup and contact forms throughout the site. Integration with Salesforce via Zapier allows for the relevant data to be collated and filtered for future engagement. Online forms are then driven by targeted fields driving more relevant data from potential clients. 

Using Elementors Theme Builder, parts of the site, including custom headers, footers and global pages are carried through the site for consistent UI. The focussed header and footer navigation enables users to navigate quickly through to client case studies, pricing, site location information, addiction advice and much more. 

The About Us section of the site provides potential clients an insight into the expertise of Help Me Stop’s team of qualified counsellors, psychotherapists and support personnel. Layouts across each section are designed appropriately to present a range of information related to these Help Me Stop services and general information about addiction treatment. 

Further to this, the online blog and press pages incorporated into the website provide current stories and advice, regularly bringing increased engagement and reach. Additional third party services are integrated with the site to assist in SEO, page speed, mobile viewing, analytics tracking, improved security and backup support. 

Can Factory continues to provide ongoing development and support to Help Me Stop and intends to develop exciting new features as their digital offering grows. This will include client focused features that will provide better online care and structure to the programmes on offer. Clients will be able to engage with their care plans and progress online as well as engage with the Help Me Stop support team. In addition, Help Me Stop will continue to add an expanded media offering, including rich video content within their articles and blog posts to engage on a more personal level.

As we work closely with the Help Me Stop team and the SEO partner, Bear Duck Digital, our goal will be to provide a seamless and engaging platform for Help Me Stop’s clients and audience.  The goal will be to raise awareness and understanding of addiction through the website and future mobile apps (as an extension to the website), enabling more effective communication between Help Me Stop and their clients. 

Technologies Used


  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SQL

Platforms & Frameworks

  • Digital Ocean Cloud Droplets
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • MySQL 
  • WordPress

3rd party integration

  • Live Chat
  • Jupiter X & Elementor Pro
  • Imagify & Buttonizer
  • WP Fail2Ban
  • Yoast Duplicate Post
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