Cineworld eTicket and Passbook support

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Can Factory implemented Cineworld’s first eTicket solution in July 2011 after a successful operational trial restricted to their Scottish cinemas.

Initially, this comprised a single eTicket QR code, which was embedded as a pre-generated image, and distributed via email.

Subsequently, operational concerns led to a short trial during which separate tickets were generated for each individual ticket holder. Can Factory implemented this by allowing customers to download a PDF of their eTicket to avoid any issues with email filters, i.e. due to large file sizes, or attachments.

In July 2013, the solution reverted back to a single eTicket per booking. This was augmented simultaneously with the roll-out of Apple Passbook support.

The introduction of eTickets has proven to be extremely popular with customers, and has helped Cineworld’s Operations team by reducing queues during busy peak periods.

The framework that Can Factory implemented for Passbook will also form the foundation for the integration of any subsequent 3rd party tickets solutions.

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