Esports – Part 5/5

Obstacles. Details that may seem to be insignificant to a casual gamer, can have big implications on the viability of a game as an esport.

Esports – Part 4/5

Events & Tickets. People now fill stadiums to watch esports. The largest ever esports crowd was at the League Of Legends finals in 2014 in Seoul, South Korea, where 45000 people turned up for [...]

Esports – Part 3/5

Prize Pools. What’s at stake here? Why are people dedicating their teenage years and early twenties to video games? This first image shows the prize pool for DOTA 2’s TI 2018, A.K.A The International.

Esports – Part 2/5

Twitch, Facebook, and Youtube Gaming. There are 3 main competitors in video game streaming. The triumvirate vying for the valuable resources of viewers and time spent watching, the two metrics [...]

Esports – Part 1/5

Esports. Or esports, it’s a common noun now. The spelling might look jarring with a lack of capitalisation on the S, but according to the Associated Press, that is the correct spelling. The [...]