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Since the beginning of 2008, we have been working with Review Centre on a number of projects, which included the initial due diligence required by the investors purchasing the business from the previous owners.

Product Matcher

The main aim of the initial project was to replace the existing price comparison feeds with a new system that would allow Review Centre to automatically match their product database to product feeds provided by multiple suppliers. This project went live in September 2009 and is having an extremely positive impact on revenue.


As the base for the matcher, we used the Lucene framework and customized it where neccessary for the business-specific rules.

It was quite a challenge to produce a system that would provide accurate matches but our proof-of-concept prototype proved that it could be done. The next part was to expand this to use real-world data.

The logic took into account the name, attributes and custom information based on category to choose matching items. We also found that the better the data source, the higher the quality of matches. This also confirmed what we had expected when building the prototype.

All-in-all this was a very interesting project and we enjoyed the challenge that the business problem (and the sheer volumes of data) presented.


The application was developed with our new admin user interface. It gives any administration or dashboard system a new and light feel to it.

One of the aspects of the new interface is the integration with the quartz scheduling system. In addition, elements on each page can be collapsed to give the user more control over what they see.

Review Centre Reviews
Review Centre Reviews

What the client has to say

  • We had a first rate team of developers in-house, but when management pulled together a brief for a really heavy lifting piece of software we went to Can Factory with their java expertise.  We felt they were market leaders and would complement our in-house team’s skill sets. The whole project was only a few months long and we were highly impressed with the code quality but more importantly for us, the attention to detail and depth of business understanding.  Their genuine ability and aptitude to chip in ideas, from the most junior coder up to senior management, with their keenness to impress, was hugely refreshing. If you are looking for a team of people that have a culture of actually wanting to help – with the technical & organisational ability to deliver that help – I’d highly recommend these guys.

    Glen Collins Review Centre CEO

Technologies Used


  • Java
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • SQL

Platforms & frameworks

  • MySQL
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Apache Web Server
  • jQuery
  • Hibernate
  • Spring
  • Quartz scheduler

3rd party integration

  • PriceRunner
  • PriceGrabber
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