Can Factory have been collaborating on complex software integration projects with Vista since 2010.

Working closely with Vista, Cineworld, and several external suppliers during the course of 2010-11, Can Factory first transitioned the Cineworld web application from Clarity Pacer Cats to Vista. The decision to adopt a phased back-office migration required that both cinema back-office solutions were simultaneously integrated. However, throughout the transition process, the user experience remained consistent for customers, regardless of whether individual cinemas used the legacy Pacer Cats back office, or had already been migrated to the newer Vista back office solution.

Subsequently Can Factory have continued to collaborate with Vista to integrate the Cineworld application with the Vista back-office systems to introduce new functionality and provide a greater level of integration across the suite of Vista modules.

Cineworld and Vista online integration timeline:

  • 2010
    • Vista Sales Server – O2 Cinema migration (4-weeks)
    • Vista Connect Web service – integration with Cineworld online booking process
  • 2012
    • Vista circuit-wide roll-out
    • Vista Connect / Web Client Web Service extended integration:
      • Online seat selection
      • Split payment & SVS gift card redemption
    • Vista Loyalty module  – Online Unlimited advance booking
  • 2013
    • Vista Package ticket support – Cineworld Bundle tickets & eGift boxes
  • 2014
    • Vista Voucher module – issue & redemption
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